Reflection After Job Shadowing

I have been thinking about my future career and what I would want to study for in college. I learned through job shadowing that I want to be an Anesthesia technician. I have always had an interest in the medical field. I like helping others and learning the anatomy of the human body. I need to graduate and obtain a bachelors degree. Have a state medical certificate and a state license.

I was proud of my presentation and how much detail I put in it. I was happy that I did an over-voice recording because I knew that I was not going to remember all the information and detail I wanted to put in my presentation.

I would have really liked to have my own real photos instead of photos off of the internet. I would have also liked to put in a video. I think that would let the audience get a real interpret on how the operating rooms were handled.

I think I should have made more time to work on this assignment. I think it would have been a lot better and more organized if I didn’t leave it until the date was close. I would have liked to present in physical form instead of just a voice recording as well. My reasoning for that is because I think when you present in real life because it really has an effect and you can see and make eye contact with the audience.

  • I wish I would have recorded a video and put it into my presentation
  • If I could present my presentation again I wouldn’t have made it on prezi
  •  The easiest part of the presentation process was finding salaries and the amount of education needed for this particular job
  • The hardest part of the presentation process was describing why I want this job and my reasoning behind it
  • Now that I have reflected on my presentation, I have to say for that amount I did I believe that I did good although it could have improved.

Interview Reflection

When I interviewed a classmate I really felt in control and I felt more prepared. I could see how nervous my classmate was with every question I would ask them.

I felt nervous at first but after maybe the first few questions I was all ready. I felt more prepared by the end of the interview. I remembered my responses that I had practiced earlier for every question that was asked.

I felt good about many of my responses and how my interview ended. I think my responses were very adequate with many of the questions that were asked. The one issue that I have to correct myself on was saying “um” when I was thinking about what I was going to say next. I was trying to make sure that I didn’t repeat myself and become boring to the interviewer. I felt that the question that was the easiest was, “What clubs or school activities are you involved in?” Also another question would be, “What is your reasoning for applying for this job?” I answered that by saying I needed this job very much because the money that I earned here I would use for college and making sure I become something in life.

I would have to say the only way to prepare for these interviews would be to really get to know yourself and asking yourself these questions regularly. It is surprising how often your responses would change with different questions. I would also advise to that make sure you are confident and not shy to really explain yourself.

I think my first interview would not go that well. I would probably get very nervous and turn red. I would wear something very professional. You have to look the part if you want anything in life. I would bring my complete resume.

I really liked this in class activity because It really showed me what I have to improve on myself. I think this activity is fine as is. This skill every person will need most definitely in life. If you cant have a good interview then there is no possible way you could receive a good paying job.

Nepal Earthquake

Rescue Operations Continue Following Devastating Nepal Earthquake

Europe unfortunately was just in the middle of an earthquake. Nepal was impact greatly because there are over 1,000 people missing from the European Union. They have confirmed 12 people dead in Nepal. The Ambassador indeed did talk to reporters and said they did not know where the rest of the missing population is. They do not know to even look. They have been looking around Mount Everest because they state it is a tourist attraction for many.  They state that on April 25 2015 at least 18 climbers were killed.

This article I believe is neutral. That they are all working together to find these people. It was the result that they could not control. There was nothing they could do other than warn others.

This news was very surprising because it just happened and there was no warning for them to prepare for this tragedy. They could only hope for the best in the situation they were put in. Knowing that many were scared and not aware of what was happening is very saddening. They were not allowed the signs to prepare them at all.

Do think if they knew before-hand that anything would be different? Would less people be missing? Would there be precious lives saved?

I enjoy reading about natural disasters because it always pulls me in and leaves me want to know more about that situation. I think images and videos do help the reader create an image about the scene.


The Game of Volleyball


My favorite game is volleyball ever since I was in 6th grade. There are many different positions in this game. I have always been a setter. The objective of this game is too make sure that the ball does not touch the floor on your side of the net. Defense is a very important part because if you cant get a ball up then you cant support nr use your offense. The back row consists of one libero, one outside hitter and one right side hitter. The libero is usually the best passer on the team. The hitters also have to b good at defense because the libero cannot cover the entire court. The back row is in charge of digging the opponents hits. The setter is there to set up their hitters. Setters are usually the captain because they touch the ball for every play. The setter has to tell the hitters what to run (there are different types of hits and tips both hitter and setter can do). The hitter is in charge of keeping each hit inside the court. One of the most important parts is that the team has to be good together and they have to support one another. If the energy is down on your side of the court and you feel defeated before the game has ended, you will most likely lose that match. This game is a mind game and seeing which team is smarter about their placement of the ball.

60 Second Shakespeare Reflection

Our 8th period class had just finished reading Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night”.  Our class was assigned into groups and also assigned a scene from the play. In that group we had to act out the whole scene in 60 seconds or more.

I was assigned Scene 3. I think I remembered my lines pretty well. On the other hand, I was laughing a lot and was not acting out as much as I would have liked. Also I think that if our group had practiced more than we would have been a lot more successful. In this scene our important characters were Lady Olivia, Sebastian, Viola/Cesario, Sir Toby and Sir Andrew. The most important act I have to say was the last act, act. 4. It was the most important because that act involved Malvolio, how he was being fooled and was acting insane towards Lady Olivia. Also Antonio was arrested under Duke Orsino’s   orders.

I think our group got carried off at moments. We worked well together when we were actually working. I think if we had more time to figure out everything that was happening would have been better for us. We all leaded the group, there was no assigned leader for us. I would have to say try and work as fast as you could. We only had about 3 days to work on it and it all goes by quite fast.

We had to do come up with our own lines for all of the acts. We had to figure out who was going to say what and how we could act it all out. I personally did not memorize my lines. I was nervous to act in front of the class as well. I personally think I did not do good. I was laughing and at times we were late on parts. I think I could have memorized my lines if I tried.

I believe that group 2 did the best they were great with their lines and they were funny as well. They acted out everything the best to me.

I think that if you give the groups more time to get situated then I think the out come would be a lot better. I think it was a little rushed. I think this is a fun project for classes to do. I think that you would have to ask the class still where they would like to perform because it is a personal decision.

First Impressions

I have to say that I do truly hate when I hear  bad things about other people. I do not discriminate a person. Not by race nor anything else. I’ve learned this first hand. I would certainly not want anyone to judge me in any way. People are different for a reason and I would like to say I would not disgrace them at all. I know now that I have no place to judge or say anything about any one.  When I first met a girl named Marissa I thought she was mean but when I really got to know her. I spent everyday sitting next to her. I heard that she was disrespectful but she was not at all. She was nice to me and to everyone in my class. She was respectful. I always enjoyed going to class with her. I am happy to say that she was my first high school friend.

Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is a chance to go out and follow someone in the same working field you would like to work in. It could be a great experience for you. You get to have them explain everything you wondered about that certain job. There are three different options to job shadowing. The first one is when you know what you want to do and you can contact the person you will be job shadowing. The second option is if you know what job but you don’t know who or where you could contact them. Finally the last option is if you have no idea what job you want to see and don’t know who to go see.

I chose the first option for my job shadowing. I job shadowed an anesthesia tech. It was a lot fun. I got to see a full surgery. I got to see the whole hospital and see all of them execute a surgery.

To Incoming Freshman

Dear Freshman,

I definitely have to say high school will be a challenge at times but you will get through it. There will be a lot of up’s and a lot of downs. On the other hand high school will be such a great experience for you. You get a peak at who you will be like when you are older. All you have to do is study and do your homework and you will be completely fine. Study for your explore test in March. It will help a lot. I know that it is fun to hang out with friends and stay up late but in the end it will be just you and your grades. It could stop you from going to your dream college. It is better to realize that now rather than when it is too late. Make sure you get 40 or more hours of community service by your senior year. Good Luck with everything!